About Us

West Field Air Show Innovation & Tech Today is a nationwide magazine showcasing the most recent cutting edge, advanced technology and those individuals driving the sector forward. Each quarter our specialists and writers intention to locate fascinating stories, goods, and individuals across many different industries which we are able to incorporate in our journal, and while we frequently concentrate on education, STEM, wearables, smart house technology, business, and sustainability, and those are finally only some of many places we cover. Regardless of where the invention is occurring, we will be there shooting it all.

West Field Air Show is owned by Canadian, the world’s top technology media, information, and marketing services company. We affect the most powerful technology buyers on earth – from business technologists to fans and everybody in between.

Technology is continually evolving, with every change bringing a demand for clarity. During our sites, events, and global books, West Field Air Show gives the insights which technology buyers will need to put technology to work within their personal lives.

From our viewer’s declared information and behavior, we are in a position to produce an exceptional image of the buying goal, identifying high-value prospects for our marketing customers across websites and demand generation.

West Field Air Show marketing solutions hastens to buy and deepens participation, leveraging our background of producing actionable articles to help audiences understand technology. We produce custom content together with marketing impact throughout digital, video, cellular, research, and social, using our intimate understanding of our customer’s goals.