Animals Deserve Respect As Much As People

In this gorgeous world, creatures deserve respect as much as individuals. They’ve as much right to live like us, human beings. So, this planet belongs to all animals living on it. Yet, many are against this idea, because they consider that animals do not have feelings or a soul.

Can we have all of the rights, simply because we’re at peak of the food chain? Does that give humans the right to eliminate animal privileges? Didn’t we learn our lesson through countless wars?

It seems not! A good deal of people still does not get it, like a child who never learns. Animals have rights. And they certainly deserve respect, so that they can live their lives free of suffering, abuse, and mistreatment. Life is a life, and it ought to be appreciated. Animals cannot speak for themselves and for that reason we must be their voice and attention for them. 

So, shielding them is something you and I must be pleased with. As individuals, it is our duty. When we admire the well-being of critters, we reestablish balance in natural preservation.

Animals Deserve Respect

However, too many believe that creatures are on this planet for us to exploit, dominate, use and rule over them. A whole lot of us believe that we’re above it all, but we’ve so much to understand. But, in addition, some do believe animals deserve respect as much as individuals.

So, I’m one of those people who ardently believe animals should get a better location in our world. They’re sentient beings. Both of them don’t have the same conscious principles which we do. However, they still need to be loved, cared for, respected, and protected.

Blind to the Truth

Just because animals can’t tell us how they feel, does not signify that they don’t have any rights. 1 day our sun will grow, and that is going to be the end of us. Yet, we can’t get away from a fact. It is we people that are defining which standards to put on worth. But who gave us such a privilege?

In my view, I believe that animals hold a special place in our world and a number of them, particularly our pets, behave as family members. They do not have a voice to speak up for themselves, so they deserve respect and to be saved. And I believe that we, as people should do this for them.

Of course, I do not believe that animals will need to rule human society. It is illegal to kill another person, but somehow, it is okay to hurt, mistreat or kill creatures. How is that any less bad? Most of us are blind to the truth.

Animals and the Arrogant Species

“Animals are the actual victims on this earth. They don’t declare war, they don’t have weapons, and they do not wish to ruin humans, or impose religion. Yet, for some people, their only offense is they exist” – The Author SVB

In fact, we’re an arrogant species ourselves to be superior to other species and lowering any other classes. They believe them to be unworthy, and only here to provide food and needs for us, human beings.

Because I’m a child, I always rebelled and wondered why a guy believes he’s on top of the food chain. We are not faster, stronger, or even brighter than a lot of creatures. Of course, we can reason and have a lot of intelligence at our disposal. But then again we are also the only arrogant species who have so little respect and is bent on murdering the planet that sustains our lives. Therefore, to me, this type of intellect looks more like stupidity.

Animals Do Have Feelings

Despite all the things that happen in our world, our lack of consideration and consciousness in this matter indicates that we are not as improved as we should be. It starts by providing equal attention towards creatures as well as towards our fellow men. Some people are now starting to wake up to these facts, but we have quite a ways to go.

So, all animals deserve respect because they can suffer and feel pain in the same way and to the same degree that you and I really do. They can feel delighted, pain, anxiety, pleasure, care, sadness, loneliness, and motherly love. They know more than that which we give them credit for.

Animals can also be living animals. Humanity is nowhere if creatures did not exist in this world. The truth is it’s equally as bad killing an animal as it is to kill an individual, it’s murder. Killing one insect by accident is OK, however, a herd of cows or a pride of lions isn’t perfect. Frequently, I think people are equal, if not lower, compared to other animals.

The Most Disrespectful of All Animals

We have the power to think, imagine and invent things, and it is what caused humans to flourish in the first place. It’s such an incredible ability. So, we’ve got the skill to reflect on our existence. Nevertheless, we ought to have more integrity and compassion.

Indeed, we are the most sophisticated of all animals on the planet, yet the most disrespectful. We can talk about unique languages, cook food, create matters, drive a car, or fly a plane, as well as debate over all kinds of situations. Yet, I am asking you: “If we are smarter and have a greater capacity for thought, why are we behaving with such disrespect for this planet and the animals living on it”

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