4 Tips to Market Your Small Business Locally

Require Your Seasonal Marketing Strategy to the Next Grade

Whether you’ve recently started a small business or have pivoted your earnings tactics to your company due to COVID-19, you’re probably thinking about how to increase holiday sales.

It is approaching fast, and now’s the ideal time to start your seasonal marketing plan so you can bring shoppers throughout your doorways or into your website.

But … understand the vacations are going to look very different this year.

I talked about how your clients’ buying decisions this fall/winter may look completely foreign from what they did last year a couple of weeks ago in a previous blog.

Today I want to show you how to increase your holiday sales locally, so here are four ways you can Improve Your digital and physical existence:

  1. Create content using a local twist.

If you are setting up your store for the holidays, think about festive”Shop neighborhood” signage that reminds people to support their community businesses.

Because many consumers will be staying home this season, spending time with a select few relatives, or setting up exceptionally remote visits with friends and neighbors, it’s important to provide valuable online content, also.

According to Google, 35% of Canadians are finding in-store shopping hard due to COVID-19. I’m predicting that a lot of individuals will hunker down and do their gift shopping online, rather than venturing out to shops.

So that is great news if you have an eCommerce shop. But people do not just want to scroll through merchandise page after page. They would like to see content, videos, testimonials, and reviews.

Look at creating posts that focus on local activities and even mention other small businesses (that you don’t compete with!). For instance, you could write a site on five fun things to do in your city this season, linking to a small business that sells holiday crafts or goodies. After that, write a call to action that hyperlinks back to your own product or service as a great gift idea.

  1. Partner with a local charity.

Many small business owners donate money or time to causes that align with their values. Along with being a kind thing to do, partnering with a charity can also make your customers more inclined to buy presents from you.

You could donate a certain percentage of each purchase or give a product for each item purchased. Setting up a gift-wrapped donation bin at your business permits you to show your customers how many things you are giving away, or you might post photos and numbers online.

Your clients (and you) will probably be supporting a worthy cause, and you’ll also be boosting your small business.

  1. Spruce up your shop or website/social networking profiles.

Just like you could decorate your house with garlands and stockings, decking out your shop and/or website and societal media accounts may create a festive feeling.

Consider using local decoration to support other little businesses and fortify the messaging to shop local.

If you’re doing your decorating online, update your profile vision and articles with a few digital holiday decoration which has a local flavor. Think beyond a snowman and add a snowy community mountain or even a shot of holiday lights at a tourist attraction close to you.

But when you discuss your discounts, sales, promos, and well-crafted content online, your followers will probably see something recognizable.

The more you’re able to make an ecosystem of content and appropriate imagery that works together, the more you will boost your brand awareness, engagement, leads, and sales.

Wondering how to boost holiday sales? COVID-19 is a global crisis that has affected markets, supply stores, and chains around the globe. Your customers’ purchasing decisions this fall/winter may seem completely different from what they did last year.

Those tried-and-true tactics that worked for us before may not anymore. Regardless of which type of small business that you have, it’s crucial to realize that since the retail landscape has shifted, your holiday marketing plan needs to.

  1. Host an in-store or digital event.

If you can conduct an online event with proper social distancing protocols set up, it can be a jolly way to get people into your business. It’s possible to offer refreshments, entertainment, and personal shopping adventures to make your customers feel special.

I predict we’ll see fewer in-store parties this season, but that doesn’t mean you can not make events part of your seasonal marketing plan.

Consider how you can tie your service or product into the event. What about a virtual wine night with a highlight of the three most well-known gifts? Or an interactive kids’ party that shows them the way to create presents together with your products?

Use your imagination, and utilize a free tool like Facebook Live or even a Facebook Group to host your online event. Before the party, you can email your readers invitations, talk about the information on social networking and tell people about it on your website.

There’s no doubt the holiday season is going to be different this season. When you are considering how to increase holiday sales, it’s vital to use empathetic marketing methods to connect with your audience realistically.

Also, it’s important to reassure people you’re taking the essential COVID-19 precautions, whether that is cleaning your shop a certain number of times every day or sanitizing shipments until they go out.

By minding your seasonal marketing plan to match people’s new customs and preferences, you will be set up for success now and during 2021.

Do you have any suggestions about the best way to increase holiday sales locally? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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